Digitally transform your in-store customer experience with Qudini

Attract more customers. Reduce customer walk-outs. Increase profitability.

Retail footfall on the high street is changing. That’s why retailers are focusing more of their attention on delivering engaging in-store experiences and making their ‘store of the future’ concepts a reality. 

As featured on Sky TV, Qudini has enabled high street retailers O2, Samsung and Specsavers to bring their customer centric ‘store of the future’ concepts to life with our queuing system, appointment scheduling software and event management software.


Win the retail revolution with Qudini

Qudini enables high street retail brands to create personalised, seamless and engaging customer experiences and shop floor operations through a range of innovative omni-channel SaaS solutions.


Queuing systems

Retain and convert more customers by creating a pain-free waiting experience and a more efficient shop floor.


Appointment scheduling software

Drive footfall to your services and convert more customers by enabling them to pre-book appointments across your online and offline channels.


Event management software 

Turn your customers into brand advocates by enabling them to easily book, share and attend your brand events.


Task management software

Manage your staff activities, monitor their availability, improve performance and make everyone’s job easier.

Qudini’s clients have experienced some tremendous results.

“Qudini helps me understand exactly what is going on in my store and enables me to lead my team more effectively and it gives me the time to be able to do that.” - Store Manager, O2 UK


50% average waiting time reduction for Samsung customers

“For us it’s all about retention. And Qudini allows us to give that value add to ensure that we are giving the best possible experience for customers at the start of their journey and at the end of their journey.” - Paolo Lupi, CX Leader, Samsung

Read our case study with Samsung here.


Decreased walk-out rates and increased average transaction value for Specsavers’ customers

“Qudini has enabled us to have a much more pleasant customer experience in-store, and we can definitely see that we've had a percentage growth in terms of revenue.” - Josie Forte, Franchise Partner Director, Specsavers 

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We help brands to choreograph their customer experiences and shop floor operations to ensure that every customer interaction is seamless, personalised and engaging.